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What is AbegYa?

AbegYa is a platform that makes it easy for people to find and book their local trusted professionals from multiple service sectors based on their individual’s specific service needs and requirements. To find out about the type of professional service providers and specialists you can currently book on our platform visit Abegya Services

Why do you need AbegYa?

AbegYa instantly connects you with your local trusted professionals and specialists. For each service request you submit, you receive notifications from available pros, you can then view their profiles, ratings and review to see which of them best fit your requirements and needs. Using our services requires that you create an account on our platform as a normal user or a professional/specialist. This can be done visiting and click on Sign Up or Register as a Pro.

Our Users online security

We take heightened measures to protect all our users’ online presence and experience using advanced technologies. However, we would always want our users to know that –online security- comes with the reality that there will always be threats and vulnerabilities, and it is our responsibility to inform our users of this reality. That is why we encourage our users to take great precautions on how they use public networks and avoid sharing their user’s information with anybody. To protect our users against threats and vulnerabilities, we use advance SSL Certification which protects our users again identity theft.

Everything you need to know when using AbegYa

AbegYa is a platform that makes it easy for you to find and book local professionals and specialists and is updated regularly by our dynamic team of developers, technologies engineers, designers, and security experts to provide you with the best experience you can possibly get. We like when users share with us their experiences all the time, which is what helps us to improve on our services to provide you with the best possible experience.

Signing Up as a User

To use our platform and it services, you need to be signed up or registered to have a user account through which you can book for services. Everybody can use AbegYa to find and book professional service providers and specialist in their local area, city or community. When signing up as a user, it is encouraged to read our service terms and conditions. An account can be created in less than one minute. Users can also signup using their Facebook or Google Account.

Sign Up as a Pro (Professional)

To be able to accept booking from users, professionals and specialists service providers need to be ‘’registered as a pro’’ through our website under their service category and specific service. Users can only find you in the city under which you registered. Pro users are advised to always update their location information whenever they relocate so that users in their new location can easily find them. Registration is free!

Can a Pro User also book other professionals?

Yes. Pros users can also find and book other professional service providers and specialists in their local area.

Can I use one AbegYa account for multiple services?

No. Pro users can only provide a specific service as we want users to have the best specialists experience at every encounter with their local trusted professionals.

How to Log In

Users can only login in their account through our website using the credentials with which they created their account. Users login information is strictly personal and not to be shared with anybody.

How to find a pro near you in less than 1 minute?

Login into your account, click on Request a Service, Select your location, select service category, select specific service, add your service detail and submit. Is that simple!

How to Log Out

To logout from your account, simply go to profile, and click on the logout menu item.

How to update your AbegYa account and profile?

Once you are logged in into your account, you can go to profile from where you would find a drop-down menu, there you can update your profile information and contact information by selecting the relevant menu items.

How to change your password and add a secondary email?

To perform this action, users need to be logged in their users account. Go to profile and select settings – change password – change contact – notification.

How to view your booking history

From the profile drop down menu on your account, you can simply click on ‘’Service history’’ to see your booking history.

Recommended methods on public devices

When using public devices, it is always recommended to clear browser before and after using your account on a public device. Also make sure the computer you are using is safe and protected with updated antivirus.

How to pay your service subscription fees?

Booking health specialists is free service!

Users who intent to use our services beyond free service would have to pay a subscription fee for each service category through their account in the Payment and Subscription area. Subscription is paid on a six months or one year basis renewable.

Getting the right answer to your concern

If you did not find the answer to your question in the above provided information, you can also check in our FAQs by visiting FAQ. If you still don’t find an answer, please contact us through this link Contact Us by selecting the relevant subject for your message.

We update our platform regularly with new updates – please check this page from time to time for new updates on using AbegYa.