Here we have answered some of the most common frequently asked questions about AbegYa, for everything else you can contact us by visiting AbegYa.com/contact.

Yes. Registration is free on AbegYa for both Pro Users and Normal users.

Yes. You can select a service category for which you want to subscribe. You can also subscribe to multiple categories or subscribe to all categories according to your needs. But what we consider the most valuable service is provided for free to all our users.

Yes. We want you and everyone else to have easy and convenient access to health specialists in their local area and cities. All AbegYa registered users can find and book their local health specialists for free.

When creating an account on AbegYa as a Pro, you should always make sure that you first select the category under which you want to register, and then next you select your specific profession or the specific service you provide.

AbegYa is a web and mobile platform that makes it easy for you to find and book your local trusted professional who specialized in exactly the type of service or work you need.

If you are an entrepreneur and you offer any of the services listed on our platform, you can create a professional account by Registering as a Pro to receive services booking requests from people who need your services in your local area or city.

No. AbegYa is not yet available in all countries. But we are working hard with our global partners to make AbegYa accessible and used all across Africa.

Many companies are now using AbegYa to respond directly to customer’s requests and accept bookings to provide their services.

Startups that provide services listed on AbegYa platform simply needs to create an account with us by Registering as a Pro to start accepting booking to provide their services to customers in their local area.

No. the only fee you pay is the subscription fees. Users also have the freedom to pay the service providers directly in cash after the service has been provided. However, a transaction fee is charged for payments made online to pros.

You wait for notifications from available professionals or specialists of the service you requested.

You check the available pros and specialists profile, rating and review to see which profile is best for your service need. After booking a pro or specialist, you can start messaging each other and keep each other informed of the ongoing progress.

You miss the opportunity to get pay for providing your service. You could also get poorly rated by the user and people in your local area would less likely book you for your services. We expect all professionals and specialists using AbegYa to hold on to high level of ethics, integrity, and professionalism and to follow the rules of law in their community. To avoid inconveniencies, the messaging system enables you to constantly update the person that requested your service.

All the reviews on AbegYa are written by users and pros from various communities, all our review are based on users experience from service provided.

If you think someone has logged into your account without your permission, kindly proceed to change your AbegYa password. Check your contact information, booking history, reviews, and make sure that any activity reports were actually made as a result of your actions.

We strongly recommend you not to use the same password for your email account and your AbegYa account.

Yes. You can edit your current location through your AbegYa account. Go to Profile and follow the drop-down menu – Setting.

If you don't have an AbegYa account yet, go to AbegYa.com and click Sign Up, fill in the required information and submit to create an account.

You can also sign up using your Google account or Facebook account to create an AbegYa account. Sign Up and Pro Registration is Free.

To send a service request, simply log into your AbegYa account – go to Service Request and click on Request a Service, the booking form would pop-up for you to fill. Select the category of the service you want, and then select the specific service you want to book, add a description of your need and submit. Is that simple!

When deciding whether to register as a pro on AbegYa, it's important for you to understand how the laws work in your local area or city. These laws are often part of a city's administrative codes that regulate how services are provided. In many cities across Africa, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you can provide your services. To register as a health specialist on AbegYa for instance, you must be a doctor, health specialist or a health practitioner recognized by your state, city or local area government with authorization to practice the profession.

Meanwhile, we encourage all our users like you to review your local laws before offering your services on AbegYa. Make sure you are qualified and authorized to offer the services you are offering.

We regularly update our FAQs page with more relevant information updates based on our users experience, comments and questions – please check this page regularly for new updates.