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Healthcare Solution Management Analyst

  • Cameroon

Job Description

Our Health Solution is aimed to provide better care for patients and help achieve health equity for all, improve healthcare delivery for both healthcare practitioners and the ministry of health/government agencies. To achieve this, AbegYa is in search for a Healthcare Consultant that would work as our Healthcare solution management analyst to help us constantly find ways to improve and reorganize our technology infrastructure in delivering our health care solution.


Primary Responsibilities:
-Identity the key problems we are trying to solve through our healthcare solution
-Cary on research and examines the existing data available related to the problem we are trying to solve
-Find methods of saving time and money for our users while improving delivery efficiency
-Research on the institutional and infrastructural voids that complicate the appropriate delivery of healthcare to the masses; gather users and providers experience data.
-You will research and analyze various types of healthcare data and apply statistical principles to public health and find connections between lifestyles and public health issues.
-Network with healthcare providers to understand their challenges in dealing with patients
-Work closely with the VP of Engineering
-Create and maintain a database of private and public healthcare providers and their technology access level
- Manage AbegYa relation with Public Health Agencies, public/private healthcare providers.

Most have an understanding of the crucial role technology can plays in sustaining healthcare delivery.
Preferably Masters in Public Health, or Masters in Health Information with more than 2 years working experience.