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Database Development

  • Yaounde

Job Description

At AbegYa, we are currently hyper-focused on growth and scaling to new territories. We are looking for qualified Database Developer with strong knowledge of SQL, Java and VisualBasic in addition to training in specific database systems including SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle, who can and has a proven record to design stable and reliable databases across multiple platforms.
The ideal candidate would be working closely with developers to ensure system consistency, collaborate with administrators to provide technical support, identify and present new requirements. Communication and organization skills are highly required for this position, along with a problem-solution attitude.


Design stable, reliable and effective databases
Optimize and maintain legacy systems
Modify databases according to requests and perform tests
Solve database usage issues and malfunctions
Liaise with developers to improve applications and establish best practices
Gather user requirements and identify new features
Develop technical and training manuals
Provide data management support to users
Ensure all database programs meet company and performance requirements
Research and suggest new database products, services and protocols
Providing assistance to others in topics related to data management.
Creating reports on databases.
Designing and developing database architectures


2-4 years programming experience with Transact SQL (MS SQL Server).
In-depth understanding of data management (e.g. permissions, recovery, security and monitoring)
Knowledge of SQL Server 2008/2014/2017.
Knowledge of Microsoft SSMS, SSRS and SSIS.
Experience with implementing, maintaining, tuning, and deploying development and production environments.
Knowledge of software development and user interface web applications
Familiarity working with .Net Framework, JavaScript, HTML and Oracle
Excellent analytical and organization skills
An ability to understand front-end users requirements and a problem-solving attitude
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Experience in creating tables, views, stored procedures, functions.
Concepts of database and systems security.
Principles and practices of database administration (DBA).
Principles and practices of research methodology and data analysis.
ETL and data analysis experience.
Bachelor or advanced degree in Computer Science.