Career at AbegYa

We want to create a more convenient world for everyone, and it all starts at AbegYa

Our Values

In addition to a comprehensive salary package, here're a few benefits we offer our employees to help them excel in their work.


We embrace cultural diversity as a strength and innovation enabler. That is why our employees come from a diverse background.

Innovation and Ethics

Innovation is at the center of our daily activities and we are all moved by integrity, reliability, and respect for one another.

Make life convenient for everyone

Through our innovative approach we strive to make life easier and convenient for everyone, and everywhere they go.

Creating Value

We have our users at heart in every step of our design and development process. This can be seen through our user’s satisfactory reviews.


Health Insurance

Housing support plan

Performance Bonuses

Local touristic activities

Happy and Fun Hours

Paid Annual Leave

Professional Development

Maternity Program

Employee Time Off